Watchghost configuration lives within four files within a single directory. These files describe our monitored infrastructure. Each file contains one kind of configured element.

The four kind of configuration element (and their filenames) are:

  • servers
  • groups
  • watchers
  • loggers

The default directory is ~/.config/watchghost. This folder can be changed using the config option of Watchghost executables.

The format of these files is JSON and each file contains a list of elements.



A Group is only represented by its name. This name is a string that must be unique amongst all servers and groups. Values must be a list of valid server names.


  "postgres": ["jupiter", "vulcan"],
  "linux": ["jupiter", "ceres"],
  "windows": ["vulcan"]

This example defines three groups named postgres (including the jupiter and vulcan servers), linux (including the jupiter and ceres servers), and windows (including the vulcan server).